red kayak
young woman 6
bohemian lofts 11/50 [framed]
like a young roe 6/20 [framed]
the river wye 6/20 [framed]
turq.rooster t-shirt (men s)
red rooster tank top (men s)
royal blue rooster tank top (men s)
orange tulip t-shirt (men s)
blue/grey pig t-shirt (men s)
grey monarch t-shirt (men s)
grey pointing finger t-shirt (men sm)
grey cow t-shirt (men s)
grey pointing finger t-shirt (men m)
pink tulip t-shirt (women med)
turq. tulip t-shirt (women med)
orange tulip t-shirt (men med)
turquoise tulip t-shirt (women l)
red cow t-shirt (mens l)
pink rooster t-shirt (women l)
yellow cow t-shirt (women xl)
turq. cow t-shirt (women xl)
green cow t-shirt (men xl)
red rooster tank top (men med)
typesampler (framed)
the palace of art
neon death; rhino
golden calf
screen memory; blue man after rembrandt
veil of veronica; pantone x memling
screen memory; compressed diptych
screen memory; gta
stage 2; pink
stage 2; green
visiting friends
thirsty work
dutch courage
summer trophy
summer bounty i
ripe and green
fence in snow a/p
angus trio
miss oregano
happiness is fuel
soul gate #27
abstract #1
abstract #2
abstract #3
young and beautiful
analog glitch
cardinal borgia (after velázquez)
bells from the deep
not black spruce, but white birch
echoes from a somber empire
into the abyss
whispers of tomorrow
lo and behold!
forced witness
xtc of st. theresa (after barnini)
jesus walks
screen memory: alpha wolf
screen memory: westworld
get got
becky (with the good hair)
james van der beek
laura dern
higgs-boson blues
warning sign
ecce homo (after caravaggio)
punctum caecum a
punctum caecum b
punctum caecum c
punctum caecum d
this will never end (cuz i want more)
apropos of the wet snow
the huntsman's corpse
the laughing fool
hunting big game in equatorial africa (after
image rehearsal
bitch please
procession of the flagellants (after goya)
wiggin' out
the redeemer
colourful road ahead
plant life
sun rise