trv: first roman site, bekaa valley, lebanon
trv: floating feather at caddo lake (2.20)
trv: foggy morning at caddo lake
trv: found magnolia (2.20)
trv: horsemen at gizeh pyramids (2.20)
trv: krak des chevaliers (2.20)
trv: little blue heron at caddo lake
trv: palmyra, syria, ancient roman site (2.20
trv: samarra minaret (2.20)
trv: the treasury, petra, jordan (2.20)
trv: two birds waiting at caddo lake
pts: stairway to the upper room (op)
pts: windows and doors (op)
pts: view of the grotto (op)
pts: pathway to heaven (op)
pts: window with a view (op)
pts: art gallery doorway (op)
pts: big doorway (op)
pts: magical doorway (op)
pts: doorway to heaven (op)
pts: hallway to darkness (op)
pts: doorway to a broken room (op)
pts: the spray painter (op)
pts: rough arches (op)
pts: great buttresses (op)
pts: homage to salvador dali (op)
pts: twisted stairway (op)
pts: red brick and barrels (op)
pts: angels in the grass (op)