flr: peony (2.20)
trv: greek church, damascus egypt (2.20)
trv: the sweeper, hypostyle hall, temple of k
trv: column capitols at edfu, palmyra, and pe
sls- burr oak (op)
sls- gingko (op)
sls- japanese maple (op)
sls- red maple, sweet gem (op)
sls- sycamore, burr oak (op)
sls- sycamore (op)
sls- willow oak (op)
color theories 9
color theories 10
btl: on the road jumping (op)
sj: julia barbed wire (op)
mis: misfits_10 (2.15)
mis: misfits_03 (1.15)
lbs pond, late day
lbs pond, overcast day
quiet time
dark trees on path
mountain road
city plan
gold shapes 1
gold shapes 2
gold shapes 3
gic: bridging the gap (2.20)
gold shapes 4
gold shapes 5