soul of the sunflower
smells like rain
dark river
river blues
golden ridge
tiny dancer
santo verde
studio guardian
spirit box
st. eleanor
spirit hunter
wild heart
hill county icon
agave 1
agave 2
lucky number
five birds and a pony
child's dream
summer afternoon
texas creek
two tanks
fence road
after the rain
the onion
always on the sunny side
cobalt vase and peonies
onion dance
i'm all ears
velveteen rabbit
chinese vase, sunflowers and mums
spider mums
sunflower in cobalt vase
teapot and persimmons
bouquet of lilies
the truth seeker
angel in waiting
berlin ubahn ii
berlin ubahn iv
texas longhorn
softly at sunset
sundown over the hills
spring thunderhead
canyon view
lilies and adobe
dragonfly moon
dragonfly sea
circle game
beekeepers daughter
sacred sentry
icebound angel
resisting time
valley floor
taos sunset
midday color
textures of time
richard prather
near new ulm
rocky bottom
down slope
down the hill
overnight snow
through the trees
crushed ice chandelier
world pool vessel
burning bush
rock flower with two leaves
rock flower with three buds
bluebonnet trio
trail of the ancients
rock bottom
cow wash
under the tuscan sun
think he's got high energy
white flowers at the lake
potted flowers
summer in the southwest
taos mountain
fishing lake
twisted oak
evening cove
cow creek falls
shoe box ford
you looking at me?
afternoon sail
bowl, #148
reds on blue
latte afternoon
hit the road jack
jack knife