dark raven
wall of the ancients
sold- "ready aim"
crossing the river
sold- "a joyful dance"
sold- "frolicking ribbons"
sold- "permission to tarry"
sold- "on the ridge"
long shadows
sold- "morning hunt"
sold- "vision seeker"
golden harvest
sold- "painted buffalo"
top hand
sold- "a tickle"
sold- "morning sun"
a place to cross
buckskin pack horse
sold- "elk hunter"
sold- "talking sign"
trading for a knife
wolf clan
loose pack
sold- "stands alone"
first snow
continental divide
buffalo song
blue cloud
sold- "little one"
nearing the bank
sold- "hearts of the children"
sold- "the watchers"
sold- "red white and blue"
sold- "muddy bottom"
autumn crossing
sold- "powder blue"
sold- "thundering hooves"
sold- "wild horses"
sold- "blue beads"
sold- "man of vision"
sold- "let go that cat!"
pony express rider
horned headress
sold- "velvet sky"
a new work- "sweetwater"
sold- "cheyenne sunset"
little pair
single file
crossing in a hurry
sold- "sold!"
the way it was
racing trio
sold- "white bear"
sold- "tough riders"
sold- "as far as the eye can see"
cheyenne shallows
sold- "horse power"
chief two buffalos
slight adjustment
two bears
white wing
five rangers
pale bear
soft noise
sold- "searching for the perfect color"
sold- "scouting the horizon"
sold: "first snowfall"
sold- "a light unto the world"
tall grass tickles
in the trees
lila's tablecloth
sold- "three lakota"
sold- "proud standard"
sold- "inclement weather"
sold- "longtime friends"
three sisters
down to the nubs
sold- "striped blanket"
circle e riders
brave dog
sold- "tall tales and tall grass"
sold-"over here"
sold- "buffalo blockade"
dappled shade
a gentle sound
sold- "a charming pair"
sold- "time together"
pleasant work
sold- "bright star"
rainbow ribbons
sold- "tiny dancer"
lazy r strays
sold- "gathered"
sold- "three waiting lakota"
triple-e horses
sold- "at the river's edge"