overgrown fenceline with redbud
zinnias end of the season
summer stram with waterfall
creek with island
the swing tree
the blue river
living flower arrangement
early summer foliage
goat heaven - april
creek in the bottom
top of the mountain
exploring pond's edge
woodland path
fencerow with redbuds - study
centre of attention - winter moon
mountain top clearing
two canoes mangrove swamp
trees in evening sunlight
red bud grove
top of the cotton wood path
sunny path november
late afternoon mountain - study
mountain stream clear day
rock skipper
honey locust may morning
the grass is always greener
cattle with distant barn
wet snow early morning
waterfall - cool july day
detail of nature - snowy pines
road to the old homeplace
dense woods - foggy morning
corn & zinnias mid july
rowing at sunset
two sisters fishing
genesee river - august afternoon
spring colors - study
quiet inlet with cliffs
knitting on the steps
gone fishing
young horseman
late summer blooms
late spring mountain
playing in the sand
everglades path
dappled slumber
i'll shoot the moon
unbearable memories
point lobos
appinenes italy
dromoland castle limerick ire
high desert shadows
bayou teche
repas paysan
anna's portrait
la madeleine
cafe society
cafe de la paix
notre dame
entering the wood
winter beeches
foggy grove
ryan ranch
farm fields with colors
red barn
on the river
san simeon lupins
the red chair
a morning's reflection
deep in the valley
spring song
view from the swing bridge
clear still pond
rocky point morning
suede pillows
eden in profile
sweet talk (10/50)
eucalyptus moon
hidden beauty
bowl with fruit
light by the window
mayes creek, overhanging trees
sun breaking through
rainy april
garden in august
daffodil bed (study)
playing at the creek
among the impatiens
planning the boat ride
bear family (10/24)
six-up hitch
light from the east
port with flags