alison ruzsa 2016 "deep purple dream" descend
parabelle glass 1991 spaced concentric millef
baccarat spaced concentric millefiori paperwe
perthshire paperweights millefiori cross pape
baccarat 1972 gridel squirrel and concentric
david & jon trabucco 1989 pink and blue bouqu
francis whittemore pink crimp rose pedestal p
auction 65 winter 2017 catalog.
steuben high-domed spiraling latticinio paper
antique clichy end-of-day scrambled millefior
antique baccarat yellow wheatflower paperweig
antique baccarat white and blue anemone minia
lundberg studios 2014 white crane with iris p
lundberg studios 1996 trio of white roses sup
lundberg studios 2013 purple wisteria and but
lundberg studios 2005 red rose and white buds
lundberg studios 2008 poinsettia and upset mu
lundberg studios 2014 blue sweet peas jewelry
lundberg studios 2006 starfish vase, by danie
d'albret 1968 general douglas macarthur sulph
d'albret 1969 mark twain sulphide faceted pap
baccarat harry truman sulphide faceted paperw
lundberg studios 2001 orange poppies petite c
lundberg studios pink rose cane on white egg-
lundberg studios rose canes on black egg-shap
lundberg studios 1990 "apple blossoms" paperw
lundberg studios 2014 yellow hibiscus paperwe
lundberg studios 2014 purple tropical tidepoo
lundberg studios 1990 yellow sundrop flowers
antique new england glass company spaced conc
yaffa & jeff todd 2000 artist proof "spanish
yaffa & jeff todd 2010 "new england" sunrise
yaffa & jeff todd 1993 "tree and water" river
yaffa & jeff todd 2017 "branch and yucca" str
antique saint louis scrambled millefiori wafe
antique saint louis fuchsias on swirling latt
antique saint louis orange clematis on lattic
antique thuringian open concentric millefiori
lundberg studios 1976 lavender columbine over
mike hunter 2017 marilyn monroe murrina and c
mike hunter 2017 close concentric millefiori
mike hunter 2017 close concentric millefiori,
perthshire paperweights daisy flower faceted
the boston & sandwich glass company, by john
jesse siegel 2007 "panda" and bamboo compound
waterford clear crystal commemorative flat pl
john deacons 2017 marbrie and rose cane in ma
mike hunter 2017 owl murrina and blue complex
mike hunter 2017 owl and belle murrine close
mike hunter 2017 belle murrina and pansy comp
mike hunter 2017 marilyn monroe murrina portr
eric hansen 2014 blue morning glory bell flow
auction 66 summer 2017 catalog.
auction 67 fall 2017 catalog.
auction 68 winter 2018 catalog.
auction 69 summer 2018 catalog.
wayne robbins 2004 "galaxy orb" marble.
baccarat 1973 millefiori circlets on upset mu
unidentified american cat sulphide paperweigh
bridgeton studio 1978 purple butterfly paperw
unidentified possibly degenhart upright pink
joe st. clair president dwight eisenhower sul
saint louis 1981 "basket of flowers" clichy-i
orient & flume art glass "mallard" duck over
whitefriars 1975 interlaced trefoil garlands
scotia of scotland spaced concentric paperwei
antique baccarat interlaced trefoil millefior
gordon smith 1988 raspberry bouquet paperweig
michael hunter "dizzy" decorative shallow gla
david graeber 2017 lemon and blossom branch p
alison ruzsa (2017) "green folly" couple and
alison ruzsa 2016 "purple rain" couple chatti
alison ruzsa 2017 "passages" couple, stone ar
strathearn radial spokes on yellow ground pap
strathearn radial spokes on blue ground paper
strathearn radial spokes on black ground pape
strathearn radial spokes on blue ground paper
unidentified, possibly early ysart, radial sp
strathearn radial spokes on red ground paperw
perthshire paperweights (1982-1996) concentri
mike hunter 2017 black merletto hollow blown
mike hunter (2017) bird murrina portrait cane
mike hunter (2017) skull murrina portrait can
mike hunter (2017) orange and black latticini
mike hunter (2017) yellow and white latticini
mike hunter 2017 pair of owl murrine yin yang
john deacons 2004 primrose on lace in double
gordon smith (2017) dragonfly over water lili
mike hunter 2017 white rose decorative shallo
clinton smith 2017 "celeste blue flowers" pap
john deacons 2017 square-patterned millefiori
john deacons 2017 square-patterned millefiori
john deacons 2017 close packed millefiori tri
paul ysart butterfly and millefiori garland p
saint louis 1953 millefiori mushroom double o
paul ysart clematis over jasper paperweight.
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antique venetian round scent bottle with bras