silver, white lillies and wine
rolling waves
the departure
pb&j with milk
lemonade and flowers
chanelling hemingway
the burden of wings
lil perch #26
lil perch #26
cool blue
little mixer
the departure, rock harbor
from above
warm morning along nauset (study)
autumn afternoon
drying sails, north wharf, nantucket 1900
coaster marian
star class, boston harbor c. 1924
haze at highland light
shade of summer
a piece of the past
the fleet is in
love of liberty
the rushing tide
rising on the east
sun and surf
breaking surf
rocky coast
crashing surf
early light
beach fisherman
crossing tacks
summer sailing, mistral vs pampero
ellen c. burke, boston fishing schooner
heading home
star of the sea
peaceful afternoon
clipper ship, sovereign of the seas
down east sailing
resting place
tacking off castle hill
sparkling sea
fog light ii
tidal oasis
quiet haven
autumn begins
winter branches
sunflowers in a blue glass
love on the rocks
orange and crackers
trio of apples
composition with shell and ticket
storm warning
on the line
gift from the east
open sea
summer surf
pink grapefruit
feels like spring
spring ritual
summer afternoon
blue streak
christmas cocoa
hunter's moon
spring still life with daffodils
spring moon
race to the finish
under sunset skies
the smell of woodsmoke
egg shells
golden years
the golden years
walking into winter
a summer dusk, proverbs 3:3
passing storm, james 3:17
bog sunset
early morning light
top of the dune
low tide
spanish lemon
lemon and pepper
cherry trio
moored at madaket, nantucket
low tide at world's end
lone cypress sunset
barn hill landing
totem ll: nauset
road to town