walking home
bouquet of flowers
golden wheatfield
field with red flowers
greening up
the big poplar
sparkling stream - late winter
blue stream
morning sun in woods
pigeon point, golden light
pt. sur spring
waiting for winter
spring blossoms - study
the boatyard
happy family
who is that?
quiet brooklet
paris romance
la madeleine
notre dames
russian winter landscape
winter river
winter path
late summer dachas
autumn aspens
fall lake
falling leaves
wine and roses
morning blossoms
place vendome
little girls in green
the lecture
mountain barn, late september
the old pig farm
barn on san simeon rd
looking over the wall into ken's yard
mustard in bloom
great day at the harbor
brandy & lace
bridge pond
mysterious miracle 2
future shadow
just arrived earlier
all the roads are closed already
summer reflections
contentful thoughts
after sunset
summer coast
vinyard in fall
small allotment
polka dots
asilomar sunset
spanish bay tide
sunset breakers, garrapata
the big pond - october 20th
sunset glow
boats in the bay
par for the course
pacific grove peomenade
downhill path, deep woods
walking trail
the commander
carmel dunes, morning
misty light of morning
mr. cocky
champagne reception
epicerie du paris
afternoon tea
devant la fenetre
place de la republique
pines in the mist
asilomar light
view from the bridge
little pond - november
wild roses at pond, may
field with colors
flower garden
fruit trees in bloom
blazing sunset
bouquet of flowers
lavender field
nature in spring
table with flowers
amazing colors
boats resting
oak tunnel
leaning trees, dry creek
avenue botanical
sunset vineyard
young zebra at hurst ranch
red cow, montecito road, at cayucas
road through the oaks
fall day
cloud shadows