blue marble series #5
blue marbles series #2
blue marbles series #3
blue marbles series #4
angle from lafayette
garden angel
riverside angel
js-study #154
js-untitled #114
js-cube construction #3
js-tied & twisted
js-untitled #115
lh061502-enamel pendant
lh061503-enamel earrings
bust of man in bronze - gld01
blue-eyed salmon
ring-pink sapphire, 2 rubies, 18k
ring-7ctw yellow sapphire,22k
ring-yellow diamond, 18k/w/p
ring-cognac diamond, platinum/22k
ring-green cabechon tourmaline
hint of sunshine
graphic radiance
warm dip
sumer pasture
lh091501-enamel necklace w/22k bezels,18k han
ted jh920151
alice jh920152
ted & alice jh902153