between tides
hanging seed pods
cup cakes
civic #6051
west brooklyn barns
spring rain
lion & bright
big fin fish
standing seed pods
dinas emrys
roof angles
little poems
past and present
ring - onefooter #20 green princess cut sapph
ring - crossing paths (2 loops)
necklace - ignite! (single match stick)
blomidon from ridge road, september 2015
french cross, september 2015
evening on white sand stream
dark shore, little doe lake, algonquin park o
last light at honeymoon bog, liscomb ns
last light at melopsesketch lake, liscomb ns
last look before heading home, honeymoon bog,
late spring snow, dayspring lake, liscomb ns
light on the beaver pond, liscomb ns
morning glow, whitehill spring
rainy afternoon myra river wetland, cape bret