eumorpha typhon (ed. 2/10)
citheronia splendens (ed. 4/10)
dysschena howardi (ed. 3/10)
winter wood, 2005
with all memory and fate driven beneath the w
from east to west (fish hanger #98)
fish catcher bag #130
breakers series - barriers
i love my car (self portrait) by ed bisese
colorful figure by richard burnside
horse, rider with sombrero by mamie deschilli
beer can figure by thornton dial
be nice or leave by dr. bob
baby doll on cross with shells by phillip est
self portrait by phillip estrada
painted canvas with movable objects by philli
plunger with smoking marionette by phillip es
chatty cathy doll on pilaster by phillip estr
sale tag art by howard finster
ev angel by anne grgich
entrance by jake harwell
ram by harold nez
leather cross with skullface by jake harwell
nest abandoned by jake harwell
antique box with leather vessels by jake harw
baby nest by jake harwell
the guardian by jake harwell
hand by charlie hoe
cookie sheet cutout by lonnie holley