man with bicycle by lonnie holley
pail with jaw bone by lonnie holley
bird with worm and hearts by jaber (french mo
green face-tree-heart by jaber (french morocc
turtle by the reverend james harold jennings
saltine cracker box by anderson johnson
from hell to purgatory to heaven . . . by can
discotete by candice johnson
creations from the torment (40 separate piece
emerging family by candice johnson
20 portraits by candice johnson
4 disco-tetes by candice johnson
round up by mamie deschillie
cowgirl riding chicken by mamie deschillie
judy and her treehouse by jt mccord
medicine man with raised arm by ray ben mille
standing devil by ra miller
flag, you can't burn me by ra miller
two sided flag, am. & conf. by ra miller
adobe birthday cake by ray ben miller
lumen box #26, darlene, doll series #2 by rob
scenes of sin and redemption by lloyd rivera
love note & self portrait (2 sides) by ruth s
tray by mose tolliver
peruvian doll by unknown artist
belgian congo attache case by unknown artist
rabbit figure by jaber
tree of life by carla cubitt
self portrait with glasses by larry bissonnet