vision, 2000
the sun and the mountain i
negative cleft, 1999
roundness of the horizon: tantra
l 06/08, 2006
viridescent kine, 2006
exposed soul (ambient), 2006
luminous crown (honor), 2006
roundabout, 2006
soft focus, 2006
summer in the city
blue moon
shopping under the portal
untitled, 1966 (003-66)
balance 56
hornet, 1970
red liner #2, 1971
velvet blue, 1986
near and far away
elysian field
furnace, 2006
m_956 ionic tensor
m_959 yellowing turning
m_953 sun lens
m_949 aortic slice
m_948 slammer lens
m_952 ionic mind