untitled (double loop)
untitled (485l7), 1985
rojo loco, 1996
whirlwinds (from the diary paper series)
sky and sea (from the diary/poetry page serie
untitled (from the diary/poetry page series)
untitled (from the diary/poetry page series)
"viva la life" (from the diary paper series)
untitled (from the diary paper series)
"eons" (from the diary paper series)
jasper belt buckle
groucho marx (ed. 4/20), 1974
untitled (ed. 3/25)
joe dallesandro (ed. 20/25)
snowflake (ed. 103/150), 1983
lexicon, 2007
laurel canyon, 1969
3-panel folding screen, 1989
untitled, 1988 (010-88)
blue clover, 1990
new morning, 1996
jacuzzi blues, 1995
koola blue, 1995
blue to the bone, 1992
ravel, 2004
untitled (#8608)
nagare #103