figure in loop
santa fe nude #92
santa fe nude #71
small figure (ed. 22/25, maquette)
small figure (ed. 24/25, maquette)
molinos espanoles (spanish windmills)
nfd, unknown
nfd, leonico
nfd, unknown, 1979
nfd, unknown
nfd, property is not a priviledge
nfd, lane
nfd, unknown, 1996
nfd, 5 octobre 09, 1989
nfd, corkscrew, 2001
nfd, serenade (ed. 87/250), 1980
nfd, 3 orange & black men, 1970
girl with towel on her head
september storm
yellow sun
girl with red painting
may light
girl with telephone
the orchard
early sun
folly cove low tide
yellow morning