lucy bump's riding ring
in south harpswell, maine
beaver swamp in autumn
morning outside the front door
new mexico landscape
new landscape
detail: rio grande at pilar
standing figure ii (ed 1/9)
point surf
pines against an evening sky
gold section
neo ruby section
storm (o/c 55-4)
cloud over knoydart (o/c 57/39)
the first snow cloud (o/c 58-3)
fantasy: snow cloud ii (o/c 68-21)
the strange mist (o/c 68-30)
skywards (o/c 69-53)
spring, ii (o/c 111)
red sun, iv (o/c 202)
night light i (o/c 223)
red sky shadow (o/c 233)
october sun, i (o/c 289)
october sun, vi (o/c 303)
blues: evening storm (o/c 656)
summer storm (o/c 800)
summer blues remembered (o/c 829)
darkening day (o/c 1134)
gale sound (o/c 1135)