portrait of justin sturm
n. 134th st. & raymond rd. 9.21.99 - 65 degre
large skindiver, final proof (framed)
spiritual allegory
lattice work
suffused air
buffalo hunt, approaching in a ravine
ak-sar-ben (artist's proof)
dog jumping for a balloon, a.p. 1
dog jumping for a balloon, a.p. 2
e.v.a., proof
j.p. with tin bug
jersey freezer
large fortune, 17/30
photo: andorra (artist proof)
small fortune ii, 17/25
broken code
the angel departing from the family of tobias
virgin with the swaddled child
midwestern landscape
night of the blue grape hyacinth
primeval message
modern 1939 venus
landscape with power lines, western nebraska
n 70th st and rock creek rd - scouting north
ghosts resting place, fort laramie, wy