chosen girl
childhood sweethearts
childhood memories
chicago's tower
city blossoms
churches of salem
church of st. nicholas, the
church circle revisited
christmas wreath, a
colonial trio 2006
colonial summer
colonial retreat
colonial memories
college of william and mary w/o emblem
college baseball dreams
clowning around
clinchfield railroad, the
clear lake cruise
civil war mansion
civil war legends-ap
city skaters
country pleasures
convair f106-a delta dart
congratulations (boy)
communion day
dandy day, a
dancing at the warm springs
dance partners
dahlgren chapel
daffodil girls
daddy's pride and joy
daddy's little helper
curious pair
st. francis cross
crossing the bridge to home
cradle, the
courtship ride
court house chorus
country spirit
doctor, the (b&w)-ap
doctor, the (b&w)
dig pink
denny hall
delivering sweet dreams
delicate blossoms
day lillies, the
day at the light, a
dawdi house
davis county courthouse
dapper dan
dog - golden retriever
dog - field spaniel
dog - dalmatian
dog - collie
dog - cocker spaniel
dog - cockapoo
dog - cairn terrier
dog - bull terrier
dog - boxer
dog - black scottish terrier
dog - beagle
doing time
dog - yorkshire terrier
dog - white scottish terrier
dog - whippet
dog - welsh terrier
dog - weimaraner
dog - shih tzu
dog - schnauzer, too
dog - schnauzer
dog - pug
dog - petit basset griffon vendeen
dog - lhasa apso
dog - irish setter
dp-autumn at silver lake mill
dp-at day's end
dp-as night falls
dp-as light as a thistle
dp-appalachian spring
dp-another maize and blue meltdown
dp-angel on high
dp-angel child
dp-andrew the church cat
dp-alone in thought-sm
dp-alone in thought-med
dp-alone in thought-lg
dp-all is calm
dp-aldie mill
dp-afternoon at sugarloaf
double duty
double dippin
double date
dp-brown thrasher
dp-brightman's sleigh ride & victorian splend
dp-boy and a dream, a
dp-bowl of plenty