barn on the farm
wild apple tree in spring
beautiful season
rhapsody in red
purple mountains
farm on creek road, dripping springs, tx
new grass on toro creek road
red roses and classics
harmony column
soar column
winding stream - april
voices ii
voices iii
voices iv
voices v
voices vi
morning light
fruit & flowers on the table
vineyard field (sonoma)
low tide - cornwall
boats sailing
twilight gleaming
bouquet in black vase
yellow field near the bay
loves dichotomy iii (3/12)
loves dichotomy iv (3/12)
forked tree - early feb morning
storm on san francisco waterfront
peony bouquet
girl - front view 2014
young boy sitting
man smoking pipe
looking for you
seven gables summer
pleasant day
sunset at moss landing
twilight in the woods
paloma gem
village in sunlight
wheatfield on top of the hill
cakebread forever
trees near the sea
bayside village
shadows on reflections - july
turner long lick - early march
orange and yellow fields
colorful shore
autumn color
orange and red bouquet
sea ribbons i
sea ribbons ii
sea ribbons iii
the pink flowers
bouquet of wildflowers
the meadow
expression of landscape
sierra mountains
flowers on the table
oh yeah!
mountains near the sea
autumn reflections, big pond
walk in the woods
into the sunset
evening before the first frost
sunny jack
crimson hills
blue shadows
live oaks and goldn hills
carmel valley
three trees, north boundary
after the long winter
from my window 4
woman in orange jacket
young boy with red hair
downtown 1
walking on the wildside
listen to my story
sailboat in view
bay highlands
village gulls
gulls & cypress
poppies to the sea
more coffee please
young woman
boats sailing
fine day to sail
golden breakers, big sur
hilltop poppies
rich bouquet
valley fields
lovely anita
character of a young man