clowns in dressing tent
classic still-life, i
classic still-life, ii
white heron
wolf study
horses in pasture with rainbow
purple martin
road near crete
icon (trinity)
icon (after vladimir)
prairie silk
study: a safe remove
melora in the cart (from "john brown's body")
morning (brown thrush on osage branch...)
wooden horses
thinking of boston
bowl on red cloth #2
prairie sunrise (study for frontispiece for '
prairie sunrise 2 (study for frontispiece for
your dog and your cat wait for your return
still life with flowers, vase and statue of a
single pear
plainview - the precurser
crypt-o-graphic: preamble
caravaggio revisited/2 (study)
caravaggio revisited/2
bondage/preamble i
bondage/preamble ii
bondage returns! - celery