#43 imperial jasper pendant
#44 peridot beads
#45 ruby zoisite pendant
#47 mother & child pendant
#49 celtic kyanite pendant
#52 silver, white, brown pearl, smokey quartz
#54 silver pearl & amethyst earrings
#55 silver brown & white pearl earrings
#56 silver pink pearl & amethyst earrings
#58 silver, gold, & 258 garnet bracelet
#59 silver, gold, & spesserfile garnet bracel
#60 silver, gold, .95 blue topaz bracelet
#61 silver, snowbowl jasper pendant
#63 silver, gold, .85(2) pearl zircon ring
flamed box elder bowl with red/clear trim
pine pot with handles and black lid
maple vase with metal leaf and copper legs (p
black ash bowl (with dye) with black finial a
flamed box elder bowl with copper legs
flamed box elder bowl with copper legs
walnut bowl with gold trim
cedar bowl with cedar stick legs
pine teapot with cherry finial lid
cherry vase with iridized glass trim on top a
spalted maple bowl with walnut spline and cop
maple bowl with jasper inlay and hammered cop
pine bowl with airbrushed acrylic blue / blac
flamed box elder bowl with copper patina legs
walnut bowl with iridized glass tiles