strata grouping: cl #3
strata grouping: cs #2
strata grouping: cs #4
strata grouping: cs #6
mid-year 05-1
mid-year 05-2
cryptic crops: eight (homage to a. e.)
three nude drawing
east of yutan i
study for jimmy demetral (strongman)
corzine barn, otoe co., nebraska
faucus springs
nebraska flatland
summer in the country
the picnic excursion
sandhills dusk 2005
early spring, elkhorn
exile and the exotic
ginevre di benci (after leonardo)
krakatoa (east of java)
madonna & child (for nicole)
ozymandias (easter island)
ozymandias (king of kings)
ozymandias (the crimson king)
ozymandias (the jester)
the island