box elder bowl with ceramic base (blues)
orion vase (airbrushing, piercing, and copper
apogee poplar bowl with texture, paint, glass
untitled (red and grey landscape)
untitled (yellow and blue landscape)
untitled (moonscape)
untitled (orange and green landscape)
untitled (cityscape with yellow)
untitled (marinescape)
untitled (abstract with peach, red, and grey)
untitled (abstract with yellow and black)
untitled (abstract with orange and black)
untitled (abstract with white, grey, and blac
untitled (urbanscape)
untitled (urbanscape with sunset)
jasper and citrine tree necklace
moon goddess necklace with snowflake obsidian
three tree lapis necklace
tall pine necklace with labradorite and blue
sticks and circles necklace
dream necklace with tourmaline and lolite
sticks and circles earrings
sticks and circles pearl earrings
gypsy earrings with peridot and roman glass
sticks and circles earrings with roman glass
gypsy earring posts with roman glass and labr
lapis and tourmaline ring
labradorite ring
rutilated quartz ring