springtime in the valley
springtime at meems
spring together
strawberry patch
straw hat
story city carousel
stoney point school
stone pier
stitching duo
star city quilt
summer's garden
summer swing
summer at sherando
t & c-country peace
t & c-country courtship
sweet dreams
swan house revisited, the
sunset reflections
sunset on the lake
sunset of love
theater of the arts
tenor of the tropics
teddy's ride
team girl
teacher's work day
tea for two
tate house, the
tales retold
table talk
time with dad
three wise ones, the
together again
today's lesson
tisket,a tasket,a
tinkling spring ride
ttt love
true to you
true heroes together we fight
tropical friend
trick or treat kitties
treasures of ohio
university of tennessee-ap
university chapel, the
tyler's bear
twilight mist
tulip love
visiting yesterday-midwest old threshers reun
virginia's state capitol
virginia's finest (standard)
virginia's finest (deluxe)
viette's vista
vet, the
very special
valley, the
valley mist
warmth within
walking bridge, the
waiting to perform
waiting to go
waiting to board
wade's mill
vows at st. marys
volunteers make it happen
where the faithful meet
west virginia university
wayne theatre, the
watcher, the
watch me
winter fun
winter dawn
willow grove mill
woodland harvest
with open arms
with my love
winter royalty
yours forever
young love
ye old shoppe
woodland retreat
floral fantasia-ap
four seasons-autumn-ap
silent sentinels
silent sentinels s
frosty family cabin
golfing santa
national d-day memorial, the
orn - winter companions
dp- tidings of joy
violinist, the
our girl
lone spirit
dp-lone spirit (lg)
dp-home sweet home - edinburg, va
dp-greeting the day
dp-pretty girl
dp-spring at the wahl house