seaside village, france
bay of blue
turquoise inlet
village above the bay
flowers in bloom
red wine
late march snow
whisky and rye
wine, orange and bucket
bucket & red chilli pepper
orange & blue bucket
bucket on blue table
blue cup
grinder & green bucket
statue - carmel mission
brothers next to pond
sentinel in the snow
flying high 5/25
wall sculpture (sm) 31/50
round wall sculpture
fall colors
toro park
hot afternoon - big pond
fog on creek - 8am
pines covered with snow
white slope - strong sunlight
misty day mission
village among the trees
blue gate
tree covered path
overcast day
porte st dennis, winter
paris street in the rain
bend in the lane
mayes creek at sunset
deep in the valley
love's divine (1/12)
la fenetre ouvert
la dolce vita
long valley - eastern ky
tropical path
vineyard rows
the love of music
pink houses by the river
seated young boy
man with red scarf
summer sun
a gift
old barns in wimberly tx
tea time in the studio
rapture (13/18)
poco blue
beach chair
side by side - january afternoon
fallen logs - melting snow
harbor at sunset
still life 1
country house
path to the sea
wine country road
california dreaming
release 1/2 life (ap)
gatehering clouds
deep shadows
allegheny river, light snow
back lit companions
the cabbage patch
time out
view from the farm
lone cypress near sunset
winding ditch - woods edge
hillside undergrowth - january
shore path
spring color
thank you
high on the hill
cypress on the path
sunflowers near the village
watery grove
evening tranquility
on the suburbs of paris
the forest primeval
east ridge, garland
silver sunset
above the mist
eucalypus at san simeon
old farm on toro creek road
in back of hollister peak
the devil made me do it
spring arrival
sidestreet galerie
vineyard shadows
napa classics
self portrait (12/35)
frozen pond, afternoon light
south bank - big pond
european goldfinch
the sentinel