tree on fire
guitarist, seville
back street, madrid
three trees on the ridge
shades of green
pleasant morning
late summer
beauty of flower garden
harbor in the morning
napa classic beauty
edge of town
soar 1/2 life (3/18)
valley oaks
white roses '16
downhill sunlight - january
facing the mountain
summer at the lake
first blossoms
mistral at nepenthe
garrapata mistral
cypress moonlight
carmel sunsetting
distant shores
violet skys
tangled brush, edge of field
twin survivors
winter sky contrails
orchard oriole in flight
bright bouquet
blue vase with poppies
vivid bouquet
blue floral
sunny days at the river
ode to a kiss (1/25)
rapture (13/18)
inseperable (5/12)
make it a bourbon
parade of vodka
in the valley
sweeping shadows, january woods
brilliant snow - edge of the woods
laurel lake cliffs
white knight
first winter snow
mid summer afternoon
falls at big sur
view of the falls
evening view
spring's arrival
cuesta valley
windy day at the lake
just before harvest
turn to the sea
laurel lake shore - rock
sun goddess (5/12)
hotel, end of town
fields of color
city o0n the hill
old oak trees - january sunrise
fall break
sea view
down wide steps
shared menu
new day dawning
dinner favorites
red & orange floral
radiant bouquet
red poppies in blue green vase
autumn flowers
morning glow - january
icy twigs - winter sunrise
stone houses
shoreline village
a place i like to be
still life with flowers
village de provence
melting snow - south woods
the good shepherd
white roses, red sunflowers
above the bay
coast road
peacful cove
morning flowers
evening lights
sunset over the lake
springtime in stockton
summer field in stockton
hillside oaks
snowdrifts - sunset
rowing - summer pond
tranquil river - lavender tints
moonlight jewel
pt. lobos spring
moonlight breakers