10.29.10 (ashland)
04.09.10 (east waverly rd)
11.10.10 (s. 25th st)
11.14.10 (platte valley)
11.15.10 (fletcher av)
11.24.10 (yankee hill)
11.25.10 (e. van dorn st)
12.07.10 (salt creek - greenwood)
12.09.10 (east fletcher ave)
12.10.10 (east rock creek rd)
12.21.10 (nebraska city)
04.06.10 (west codington rd)
04.13.10 (hwy 75 south)
01.15.10 (st louis)
06.29.10 (nyc new jersey hudson river)
06.30.10 (nyc jersey meadowlands)
07.26.10 (ashland)
tree lines, again
silence of morning
homage / 2011
playing optician
early chores
soul memory
from the other side of the pond
morning ridge: platte river valley
the lovely tangle: first of june
at last the clouds and breeze
citron configuration