“first snow”
“girls love tea dresses”
“frosty brook”
“river city”
“summer moonlight”
“canal reflections”
“the flower garden”
“morning sunlight”
“tahitian girl”
“red sunset”
“seated nude”
“portrait of john m. nesbitt”
“the bath”
"low tide, port clyde"
"through the trees"
"tribal series" (10)
“dusty bend south carolina”
“rembrandt, south carolina”
"old barney"
“island encounter”
“sam’s luncheonette”
“peasant against hay”
“sailing in sunset”
“sailboat and seagulls”
“boats at promise land”
“turquoise bay”
“rolling sea”
“nearing the finish line”
“conch shell, little cayman”