battle scene
“sweet grandma”
“a quiet time”
"mermaid in ocean"
figure of man
(circle of thomas hicks)
“ambulance de i’lle chambierre metz 1870”
“picnic in the park”
“pursuit of knowledge under difficulties”
“the last angry man”
black & white cat with fish
religious depiction
“japanese flower garden”
“female study”
“his baby”
"the palette"
“cactus flower”
“studies of fossils and shell”
chinese cloisonne 9 piece tea set c. 1880.
early decorated steel nut cutter
“summer days”
“cottage by the stream”
“the explanation”
damascene decorative nut steel cutter
early steel nut cutter
“castle ruins”
“sunset on the lake”
“hudson river landscape”
“cattle by the lake”