dogs with puppet
puppet with scary giant
puppet shaking dogs paw
knight with lion
at the dukes
the battle of windmills
near toboso
at the peasants manyaga
the battle with the sheep
woman watching two knights
riding to the castle
the death of don quijote
don quijote and sancho
don quijote in the library
at gunpoint
in bedroom
sword fight
woman getting dressed
outside building
man in front of building
smoking/glowing box
woman falling
two men in boat with three-headed dog
dinner table
snake with people
couple holding hands
two men shaking hands
men at top of steps
three men with ant hill
chasing ducks
three men
dinosaur birthday cake
alice in wonderland
baby mouse
flying mouse
driving mouse
garden dance
red pickup
fiddle cover story
vegetables cover story
walking through garden
grandfather and grandmother
baby mouse in garden
christmas tree
hobo dogs xmas
hobo dog rides the rail
mouse in sleigh
mice skiing
farmer planting
dinosaur fishing
stick is wand
into the pie!
two dinosaurs
bear receiving medal
bears at town dump
piglet on analysts couch
dog with yoyo
can is phone
man on trapeze
summer fiction
aliens coming to sleeping
hey dudes
what ufos are not
the life and death of an l.a. gastronome
profligate pork
hot couture
ufo in background
einsteins conundrum
dangerous vacations
enchanted night
the comic book
high tech recliner
film archivist
english soup
english soup poster
cat driving car
park band
the auction
study from mother kangaroo
the mother gorilla
the lifeguard
make waves
island ferry
hogging the bed
toot and puddle cover
two sketches
festival ballet providence
king hippo
and the livin is easy
a quiet moment
baby jimmy
fish are jumpin
oh your daddys rich