"new house near hartsville"
"new houses, buckingham"
"fishing party near the delaware"
"geranium rose"
rare 18th/early 19th c. sword gun
"forest paths"
"roses, pansies and daisies"
"kids and snow"
"through smoke and ruin the sun still shines"
windsor bench
"the old mill"
"hand hammered arts and crafts style wrought
free form lucite bowl.
french bronze empire style plateau c. 1880
indians at waterfall, catskill
the butcher shop
a pair of 19th century continental carved and
silver or silverplate walking stick w/ horse
"connie mack"
"pair of military figures"
tile top table
"pan & goat"
"mother & child"
"girl peeling orange"
"mother & child"
"french calvary officer"
"dog with blue bow"