"girl in pareu"
"lumberville, winter"
"autumn afternoon"
"the neshaminy"
"top of spring garden mill"
"melting snow, bucks county"
"trees along the river"
"snow covered village"
"melting snow"
"peacable kingdom"
"lehigh barge"
"in her flower garden"
"feeding the chickens"
"autumn afternoon in luxembourg garden"
"the end of the village, nantucket"
"afternoon refreshment"
"canal, winter"
"the old spring house"
"the old silk mill"
"autumn stream in the valley"
"the summer cottage"
"the canal, late summer"
"canal reflections, winter"
"late afternoon on the canal"
"the canal, lambertville"
"setting sun on the delaware"
"after the storm"
"road along the river"
"studio in summer"