"river view, above river road"
"above the village"
"the narrows"
"a barrow full"
"view from the dining room window"
"evening on spitfire lake"
"sunset on the creek"
"empty jug"
"waiting for spring"
"south main street"
"hills of carmel"
"entrance to the garden"
"the lane"
"the gossips"
"stone farm house in snow"
"melting snow"
"dry dock in snow"
"americas best"
"watching time"
"blowing bubbles"
"the floor we live in"
"st. ives in the evening"
"seascape, mid atlantic"
"train station"
"farm house with barn"
"floral still life"
"little falls, new jersey"
"bloomfield heights, new jersey"
"old house at long ridge, nj"