"coast of cornwall"
untitled (double sided)
new york in transit 1
"boxer vs. niagra falls"
"sgraffito side tables" max kuehne design
"the trio"
"tabletop still life"
"fall still life"
"tabletop still life"
"first theme"
"battersea warehouse, river thames"
"st. ives, cornwall, england"
"mill dam"
"fanfare #4"
"jazz club"
"harbourton farm, nj"
"canal bend"
"roman hieroglyphies"
"monhegan inlet"
"poker chip construction"
"across the park" (central park)
"long beach island, early june"
"seven soldiers and two men"
"sleigh ride"
"woman by a window"
"winter on the farm"
"pigeon holes abstract"