sadie hawkins day/b.b.
the slap (daisy & abner)
exhausted florida parrot
rage against the machine
what is the purpose of the butterfly? (page 1
magic carpet
snow white
the sun and the house of cats
the wolf
robbie in his room
max talking to robbie
max and his little sister
eddie talking to robbie
katie talking to robbie
robbie at his desk
in the audience
nouvelle, france
falling piano
new year
giant ducks
mere michele
monsieur dumollet
cat palaces
murmuring water
the innocent kiss
guineveres stake sentence
niniane and lancelot
guinevere gives the sword to lancelot
the lovers saying goodnight
klimt at the museum
klimt and the three stages of life
klimt is generous
klimt paints for fashion
where klimt paints
awaiting the portrait
cats and the sleeping children
cats and the time
now who art thou
not unlike to iron
there both did burn
in visage such as past my power
when he knew the pilot
the heavenly steerman
the radiant planet
while underneath
long as tis lawful
and there were some
but not long slumbered
my guide
what point thy soul aspires
through every orb
with equal pace
the wretched appeared
salve regina
amongst us here aloft
many, exclaimed the bard
down whose steps
and while, with looks at the ground
before my sight
answering not
ye host of heaven
i once was pia
again mine eyes fixd
all those living lights
the fair consort
jump rope
serving chef
skate chase
cat parade cover
night music
woman with flies on corn
cat march
group hug
annies pictures
fs at the beach
skate mom
gimme paw!
oh, see dick
ride tom
look, look, see jane
come here tom
tom in wagon
see flip and susan
bunny can ride
tom and spot
see skip
rex runs
look at jane
billy and rex plays
see ann
see jane play
look look
oh, oh, oh
oh puff
see flip
and there you sit