a poem
when i was a boy
new york is english, chatanooga is creek
hug me close
whaley whale is hiding
all be boy buzz
all think and dream time
first they swam
here on the deck
packed the sardines
snaly snail small
yo! yes?
wormy worm wiggles
elizabeth 3
sharon stone
on the roof
w.c. fields
fiddle and bow
brave harriet
rootie and tootie
casey at the bat
remarkable farkle mcbride
imperial dresser
creeping out
paint on his tail
farkle in crib
farkle with trombone
farkle with flute
farkle with drums
farkle with various instruments
micawber self-portrait
back home
jack and golden chair
lew wasserman
elizabeth 4
genie 2
the genie in the jar
genie in a jar 2
two girls dancing
giant steps 2-3
giant steps 30-31
giant steps 6-7
happy to be nappy pp 12-13
wormy worm snail
happy to be nappy pp 6-7
or let it go
here are his long pants
catch of the day
beef wellington
rocky little island
anatole is tired
jooka at play
wisps of smoke
hooray for jooka they cheer
im a dragon
jooka looks out from tree
carries croc to ground
hunters came this morning
shes bringing the food
mouse and apple
shes waiting for me
papa panov
sugar plums
shoes and legs
night before xmas
climbing mouse
sleeping baby
la luna
bambina uovo
the big crane
corsets so tight
introduction i
in the air
giant milk
giant lion
goat and boy
animal gathering
scary goat
rabbit at pond
hunni on bike
lullaby beauty bright
queens room
flying over the city
night kitchen
sleeping dog
sunday drive
mr. pip wakes up
whats wrong mr. pip
going to the vet
best buddy rings