untitled (cloud scene 4)
untitled (cloud scene 6)
untitled (purple and cream flowers in clear v
untitled (flowers and stems in vase)
untitled (cloud scene 8)
untitled (cloud scene 9)
the lunch counter
night in new york
the boyfriends
jessie and jake
back from the fields
october landscape (small/ap/ed. of 25, framed
spring thaw
landscape, elkhorn river valley
compound five #6
however measured or far away
looking glass
recognition 1
recognition 3
recognition 4
branched oak road, lancaster county, nebraska
#6680-11-2012 church numbers, nevis
#p1010723-11-2012 spam, nevis
#p1020190-11-2012 nevesian village, nevis
#p1030094-11-2012 apartment windows, nevis
torn screen
la saƓne sous la prairie de chatillons
study for "history of new york: aboriginal da
study for "history of new york: pilgrims and