rabbit at home
banjo pickin satan
hilda mae heiffer
faulkner in hollywood
king bob ambles on
camel back
queen of fartoosians
snotty judy butterfly
green girl with black box
the queen of fruit loops
girl scout vs. gladiator
spewtian guard
a royal fartoosian flag bearer
barcelona smith had no pets
barcelona smith was prudent
barcelona smith and roses
abe needed a wal-mart
thor: merciless viking chicken
tiki bar
come the weekend
yer pretty face
angels with dirty faces
accordian man
colemans future friends
horse with sunset
little mouse in bed
by the car
snow covered homes
in the kitchen
walking in the snow
eating muffins
entering house
mice having a meal
touching noses
getting into the car
i love guinea pigs (endpapers)
fox with landscape
walking in the snow (large)
peacocks walking
three rabbits in rain
three views of lyle at office
sketch for lyle at office
lyle at office
lyle with bird on his head
lyle with man under palm
ira hugging himself
lyle and chandelier
lyle with bird on his nose
lyle and family in doorway
lyle in the tub
lyle and family looking
shirley on rug in cage
three lions glaring at shirley
duck popped out
two views of shirley
dog walking on hind legs
snapshot of lyle
snapshot of lyle ii
lyle sharpens pencils
two views of lyle at office
lyle with elevator
sketch for lyle at office-book cover
lyle sharpens pencils
ira with parents and screendoor
lyle and man with canes
lyle in tub
lyle pushing baby carriage
lyle hiding behind door
animal in field
pig driving car
larabee jumping
cracking egg
duck swimming in tub
hats ii
boy and duck
larabee and mr. bouman
lacey hugging larabee
larabee thinking of mail
larabee with nose in mail
cat following boy
se 1890
an entire milky way
frip cliff
holding hat
mystery man with moonstone
nose to nose
the heron
little oh
reading by moonlight
three doves
christmas tree