hamlet and snail
hamlet and family ii
three trees
tower and swans
on the way to feast
hamlet and butterfly
the feast
ants and cake
beetles house
hamlet with hat
hamlet on a swing
hamlets shoes
a crafty weaver
hamlet (title page)
the emperors wardrobe
mr. cockeal
weavers crossing bridge
the servant
two tricky rascals arrive
assorted characters
emperors bedroom clutter
alfredo, the hairdresser
emperor, the mirror
the awards
the clothes are wonderful
ringing the doorbell
jumping joan
max cleans up
study-large mesa fairy
max and candle in red
hugging by the fence
i am a girl guide
study-yoko white
gray bunny
cat teacher writing letter
two dogs look at sushi box
yoko and timothy
getting off bus
cat teacher at night
mrs. jenkins rang the bell
catching a ride from two
yokos mom reads letter
yoko said hello
until mrs. jenkins rang bell
yoko says bye to mom
timothy gobbled a tuna roll
someone was still hungry
yoko in the closet
max in red christmas outfit
max next to christmas tree
sleeping bunny
make you a cake
yellow sweater ringing bell
felix got sick
bunny market
uncle ed and aunt margo
bunny laying under tree
cat and the fiddle
the island of light
yoko and blue background
what would you like for lunch?
self-portrait of a man shaving
dueling wizards
counting the days
enchanted car
battle with dragon
the three broomsticks
christmas in great hall
rescue of sirius
she stands with pride
she travelled to distant lands
the plains were too windy
table and chair
she grew inches every day
wrapped in queen size bed sheets
fathers newspaper
she started to school
peculiar looking hat
her house
t.b. wiggly riding a horse
boy riding a giraffe
t.b. wiggly standing cactus
on the way to school
dinosaur playing baseball
dinosaur with ice cream
little miss liberty christmas
charles barkley playing
man wearing suit
man shoveling
people yelling
dinosaur surfing
graduation speech
man with guitar case
man in boat