oct eve (wine label)
mass. cove (wine label)
sage brush (wine label)
late in the day (wine label)
back country (wine label)
flooded field, clearing sky and eight crows (
prototype: climax!
thin white line ('fashions' addendum)
transgressions on durer: ii
transgressions on durer: i
two views - ii: falls
two views - i: scene/seen
rauschy's nemisis (triptych variations)
s.d. scape
sleigh ride
leopard in the night
photographing the bull
river valley, afternoon cold front
f.g.: ch. 4 (a remembrance)
the layered look
benjy w. & the archangel
gesture: prototype
crown (clown) prince of gesture
lover's call (artist special edition | ap1)
edge of the valley (dog days end)
ten pound hammer
reminiscing on turner