lucky and the giraffes
theo epstein
nancy lieberman
red auerbach
hank greenberg
benny leonard
howard cosell
bobby fisher
helen mayer
sid luckman
mom comes in with chaukah lights
sherman loved all kinds of hats
tinka is a sweet dog
a beach dog
march 1
may 1
commotion in the produce aisle
mom comes in with chanukah lights
fuss through chanukah prayer
does dino blow out all the candles
dino looking for lot's of present's
dino writing on gift cards
dino grabs gelt
dino grabs gelt till it melts
dino snatches dreidels so no one else can pla
8 festive days
taking turns with takeing turns with lot's of
dinos eat latkes
dino with chanukah wishes
dino in bed hear him snore
ona christtmas eve does a dinasaur eat
does dino rip open present
foes dino pick ornaments off tree
does dino shake uop tree
does dino eat st. nick's cookies
dino gives grandparents a lot of holiday wis
merry christmas you good dinasaur
dino chasing cat
dino with two cats one chasing toy other watc
dino kissing dog
dino and dogs playing and eating
dinos petting and teasing cats
dinos washing and walking their dogs
dino running with cat in bedroom
the letter "f"
you arrived
devil inside
from within
meditation on the memory of a princess
variations on vertical
blueberry blues
the number 4 manhatten bridge
tickled pink
symbol silly
garage surrealist
cat guys
plaid heads
tell us
martin & mahalia
cats are cats 1
cats are cats 2
cats are cats 3
me too 1
me too 2
what's the big idea molly
go 1
go 2
missing chick 1
gobble-gobble crash a barnyard counting 1
gobble-gobble crash a barnyard counting bash
chirstmas cobwens
shaula's child
la donna
the art curl
snake girl
lost love
abstract pink
abstract blue
flashing body
flashing body i
flashing body entwined
spirit phoenix
violet abstract
flashing bodies two piece
flashing body a view from the back
flashing body walking with style
flashing bodies holding hands
flashing body in charge
la donna
lost love