village in france
clear day
sunny day
marche en provence
afternoon sun
village in bloom
hazy sky
poppy field, provence
low water - early september
big trees & open ground - january
morning sun - snowy hillside
up from the canyon
madame la contesse 17/35
glimpse of you
tell me
seasons 1
seasons 2
seasons 3
seasons 4
seasons 5
red poppies, blue vase
flowers in blue vase
distant hills
valley hills
carmel valley ( study )
clouds above the valley ( study )
california gold
fields of colchester
minding the sheep
clear view
through the archway
archway shadow
green mountains
lake garda
the golden hour
californian sunset
coastal spring, pt. lobos
cypress shimmering, carmel
dusk at rocky point
flowers by the window
bouquet of red roses
lemons and roses
white and red
sensational flowers
expression of landscape
clouds above the flower farm
waitin on you
fall morning
woman in white
the vigilant shepherd
floral with birds and apricots
cardinal and white poppies
pink blossoms and hummigbird
rabbit and baby carrots
endless celebration 25/75
endless celebration 29/75
with one breath 6/8
love's divine 3/12
moon over chicago
street color
arc de triomphe
along the seine
new york skyline
san francisco
still life with lilac
on the south
old boats
still life with apples
garrapata beach sunset
cottage terrace
pt. lobos iceplant
asilomar dunes
carmel moon
sunset surf
scenic drive, carmel
balance (life) 5/20
late may morning
keeping watch - january noon
light snow - sunrise
the resting herd
come with me
houses with a view
after fishing
boat leaving
expression of flower farm
a glimpse of big sur
forest stream
sailboat coming in
champs elysees - lido
lake baikal russia
paris street
in the harbor
restless sea
madelyn in red (11/25)
lauren in blue (3/25)
l'attitude maquette (9/25)
believe (10/25)