academia 3/4 life (4/12)
dunes early light
late afternoon dunes
cypress, surf and sunset
monterey bay morning
sundown shadows
pure imagination
so much love
village near the cliffs
flowering arch
just past the arch
side of the village
along the coast
it will be fine
farm field
field with a view
two red trees
wheatfield with white sun
vase with expressionism flowers
hummingbird and honeybee
anna's hummingbird with wildflowers
orchids and hummingbird
white orchids with violet throated hummer
lights of paris
wish i had an umbrella
moonlight sonata (16/25)
moonlight sonata (17/25)
adventure by the sea
glorious view
faubourg anime
la fleuriste
bateaux a quai
winter walk - up the hill
the clearing - january afternoon
old bridge - bullskin creek
west fork in november
in the high grass
balance, third life (13/50)
bright lights of paris
a wave to the sun
carmel moon
whaler's cove sparkle
carmel sunset
grazing & glowing
heavenly shades of night
finding the light
sun-lit cypress
friends, food & fun
sunset over pebble beach
twilight mission
mid-summer's dream
sparkling waters
hill's edge - bright winter day
workers in the field
twilight walk
evening in the village
boats in the bay
lavender field
the walk home
mid-summer memories
mission beach sunset
ventana fire - triptych
village flowers
flowers by the door
sandy beach
entry to the inn
flowerpots above
view over the rooftops
down the pathway
green covered cliffs
country houses
distant houses
colorful houses
green trees
touch of lavender
around lake garda
red vines in twilight
garden with birdbath and lightpost
winter sunrise - country road
rocky creek - rushing water
curving wall with red flowers
calm river - july
swamp at sunrise - study
pacific sunset - study
playing at the creek - study
reflections of a turtle
piggies in the straw
another barn baby
the blessing
three of a kind
england o england
dodgers take seventh game, series
charlie gehringer 1925
eddie collins 1909
moe berg 1935
johnny evers 1907 portrait
jimmie foxx 1933 portrait
lefty grove 1925 portrait