bound for cover #25/30
on the prowl-mini #96/150
on the prowl-mini #99/150
big island palms
free spirit #19/35
green wing 28/30
with these hands 10/17
cougar in repose 4/20
the journey
beach bound study 4/31
content 2/11
in the valley of zion unframed
winter eagle child
time to sell the saddle
my heart is in your hands 12/17
wearing thin 10/11
vintage female skier 1/9
young men of the enemy fear his horses bust 7
pastoral poetry (cow & moon) aluminum
chromed and stacked fritzler
grizzly bear study #10/20
beach #2, unique bronze casting
morning at fern lake resale jared mahers
apache renegade
moonlight hunters 9/25 shinabarger
yellow on blue
leaves of grass s 13/31
dusk s with ring 5/17
dusk m without circle
big fish story m 22/31
building roads s 9/31
da mi un baccio tiny 24/50
galileo s 20/50
hula hoop s 28/31
leaves of grass l 9/31
mom and molly m 2/31
riding it out s 5/21
with these hands 3/17
the acrobat 3/30
east vail- resale for jeff o'hare
white flag 76/150
pas de deux 10/18
moment of solace
tango #4/17
sunrise over sleeping indian
a glitch in the process
horse creek gravel bars
meandering stream through snow covered hills
late afternoon at mesa lake resale tim duncan
afternoon in the sierras resale tim duncan
calypso cascades resale tim duncan
high in the sierras resale tim duncan
thor #22/35
banks of the missouri
sunset, capital reef
hungry loop-monument ed. 1/3
ten cow drawing #1
ten cow drawing #2
the golden hour tim duncan
coastal foothills above sonoma tim duncan
taggett lake tim duncan
navajo rug resale for john lovett
blustery day
fresh horses
red river storm light
bear cubs
sugar for the trail 31/45
setting the pace 30 inch 15/17
first dance 6/7
crowned crane 11/20
long drink of water 8/20
summer in the rockies ap
shadow maker #6/31
apache (scd resale)
seated indian with rifle
standing indian
dream lake 3/125
big itch 6/24
spring afternoon in the san juans*
prairie school girl 3/31
can you fix it? 3/21
shimmy #4/17
muse 3/9
mr. dandy is stepping out 13/15
forever wild 6/15
memory of stone 1/15#
pisces rising #1/12
wanna ride (tiny) 3/21
study of a roan
beneath the cottonwood
taking a break
vengeance 8/35 gallery resale
the emperor 6/20 resale
horses of the flying j van hee horses
little basin creek
old ranch on cottonwood creek
october 4th