drinking buddies
a day in taos
the victor martinez property - penasco
the houndstooth from el prado
chamisa & purple aster
dahlias and flow blue
matching the hatch
light show
four stage lights
a cowboy and his iron al
farm light al
feed wagon al
first snow al
homeward bound al
magnificent 7 al
on the trail al
red scarf al
the roper al
this bodes ill al
tranqullity al
wind al
stronghearts - bust 21/75
daphne ii 14/21
mother teresa 3/15
a tight spot 8/21
notchtop mountain
mon vieil ami 11/21
orange blossom madonna
violet bride
banks of bear creek
the bed wagon
aspen glow
winter serenity
a top hand al
back trail al
back trail al (lg)
a cowboy and his iron al (lg)
mare and colt al
mare and colt al (lg)
the roper al (lg)
made in the shade al (lg)
blue bandana al (lg)
light in the dark, change
sanctum 1/18
bigger green lips
can wall v.5 - high key blue
hidden lake
december sundown
perfectly still
top hand
red rocks park study
the silver lining
a tight spot 14/60 (sm)
back home
out of bounds 5/5
apprentice cowboys
bounty hunter 12/15
wild thing 29/30
wapiti 73/100
good morning sleeping giant
dixon cliffs
holy cross wilderness
lower jean lake
vista pass
a hill country meadow
spring in the texas hills
june in cactus country
late on a wet afternoon
a break in the weather
a new day
twisted oak
travis county hills
summer oaks
hill country afternoon
the rainbow
solitary oak
through dry country
hard scrabble
fast break
3 good friends
made in the shade
mount baker
dream of the frog ap/21
old souls
pondhawks at waterline
pondhawks at waterline 10/12
venus #8/21
tree (sm) #6
crayons 19/31
passage 12/17
old road to ouray - study
the meeting bush
creature comforts
arrangement with amaryllis
white cosmos