black walnut shell lidded box
kou calabash
wili wili calabash
milo calabash_2
kou calabash_2
blue gum eucalyptus burl, natural edge, round
norfolk pine bowl
a bit of bark; black heart mango, natural edg
pride of india, hallow vessel
sawfish dagger, nukuoru atoll, caroline islan
natural edged bowl
green stoneware plate red flower 04 1
golden south sea pearl necklace with diamonds
tahitian black pearl necklace with diamond bi
madge tennent, autobiography of an unarrived
indian farmer, 40/200
on the go, fiji
the distaff side
veronica's veil
hula ki'i, 28/100
mexican pilgrims, 99/125
woman with basket, 24/34
indian man, color proof
woman standing, child on back
pirate with guitar
calvary with three crosses (the crucifixion)
a view of christmas harbour, in kerguelen’s l
the inside of a hippah, in new zealand
a view of anamooka
a boxing match in hapee
a night dance by men in hapee
poulaho, king of the friendly islands, drinki
the natche, a ceremony in honour of the king'
a human sacrifice in a morai, otaheite
the body of tee, a chief, as preserved after
a dance in otaheite
a young woman of otaheite dancing
a sea otter
a view of snug corner cove in prince william
a man of prince william sound
a woman of prince william sound
a woman of oonalashka
canoes of oonalashka
the tschuktschi, and their habitations
sea horses
inhabitants of norton sound, and their habita
caps of the natives of oonolashka
natives of oonolashka, and their habitations
inside of a house in oonolashka
a man of kamtschatka traveling in winter
a sledge of kamtschatka
a view of bolcheretzkoi, in kamtschatka
a white bear
a view of the town and harbour of st. peter a
a man of kamtschatka
a general chart - exhibiting the discoveries.
chart of the nw coast of america....
a woman of kamtschatka
summer and winter habitations in kamtschatka
the inside of a winter habitation in kamtscha
honaunau heiau
a dance on otaheite
a view of the habitations at nootka sound
ni'ihau shell lei kipono style_nl173
ni'ihau shell lei heleconia style_nl179
ni'ihau shell 5-strand pa'alima lei_nl182
ni'ihau shell lei in kipono style_nl189
tahitian multi-color pearl necklace
tahitian multi-color stud earrings
paying the price
hawaiian girl (limited edition giclee, #5/25)
ponte vecchio
waimea landscape
mana road
little seamstress
little seamstress, 88/200
kou umeke
market day
voyagers, the first hawaiians
portrait profile, sliver ink on dark blue pap
portrait, silver ink on dark blue
koa calabash by jack straka
milo calabash
moonlight at sea
moonlight, south kona
leeteg of tahiti: masterpieces on black velve
hawaiian child's crib quilt - red & white
hawaiian lady #3
tennent poster, hawaiians hanging holoku
tennent poster, lei queen fantasia
tennent poster, hawaiian bride
plantation days - aiea mill
the canoe maker's son
ni'ihau stud earrings
architecture in hawai'i
three filipino ladies (limited edition giclee
hindu woman with lei, 10/200
hindu woman with lei, 54/200
hindu woman with lei, 98/200