banana split 2017 a
single scoop with strawberry ice cream
shore break
goldfish mini
isla mujeres
arena fina
chosen elixir
structured navy
pastry chef i
two scoop ice cream dish
cheeseburger on plate
cheeseburger on plate ii
plate of five cakes ii
plate of four cakes (orange plate)
plate of four cakes (yellow plate)
plate of four cakes (white plate)
city sunset - bmt
raspberry strawberry
white cake
white cake purple daisies
white cake yellow daisies
vanilla cream cinnamon rolls garnish
river protrusion
rasberry sherbet double scoop
double peach ice cream
chili boy
monocular i
city views (trial proof) 2/11
untitled (shoes)
calm break
seacoast village
wayne thiebaud - national academy
the terrace at las playetas
helen reading
woman knitting, andalusia
tivy valley orchard
view from the overpass
12th street
alan post - the bridge near el centro
spanish village
still life with fruit
alan post - hofbrau #5
bar scene
woman with white flower
five musicians
june lake
pouring the foundation, new hotel, j street
auto shop
near june lake no. 1
an unknown place
black bar
gregory kondos - river palms 40/200
mccormick's tea
mary armstrong - winter garden
david gilhooly - drug store frogindian
pinned down
chocolate dilemma
see spot run
12th and j streets, facing west
8th and j streets, facing north
pagoda building, 5th and j streets, no. 2
merchants national bank, no. 2
butte street, redding
market street, redding
market street facing west, redding
whiskeytown lake no. 2
alan post - abandoned train tracks, princeton
landscape with red houses
chapel in provence
white cat
unknown title
helen post - cityscape
saul steinberg - unknown title 23/100
jose luis cuevas - 1/50
thomas pradzynski - la maison rouge
robert arneson - untitled
alan osborne - untitled 2004
the cello instructor
restaurant in castellion
cezanne's studio in aix
man with hat
alan post - guitar foreshortened
night sitter
unknown title
caballero in black hat
french fireman smoking
carousel at avignon
view of toledo
shop fronts, black dog
krishna reedy - unknown title 38/100
train cars
rollin pickford - rising mists, tivy
the tower
brown bag
the traveler
starbucks coffee cup
corn flakes box
head with wwi aviators cap (1b) 1/6