krishna reedy - unknown title 38/100
train cars
rollin pickford - rising mists, tivy
the tower
brown bag
the traveler
starbucks coffee cup
corn flakes box
head with wwi aviators cap (1b) 1/6
helmet head 3/6 (b3)
helmet head with billed cap 5/6 (b4)
helen post - woman with earrings 5/6 (b5)
helmet head with billed cap (b6)
robin guistina - trout to eat
landscape with aqueduct
skyline with yellow building
landscape with purple structure
landscape with promenade
landscape with sign
spanish landscape with flat roofs
villager with straw hat
tom craig - unknown title
and all her rawness
you are on purpose
inner conflicts
carolyn fox-weber - untitled (bay)
red rotary phone
gumball machine
silver oak with grapes
six pieces of luggage
pierre eugene cambrier - paris place de petit
gregory kondos - coastal vineyard 20/81
sheila finch - light across the valley
over the edge
poppies forever
tractor landscape
pacific heights 13/100
william tuthill - sterling winery
bend in the river
joe santos - old ironsides
joe santos - tail
joe santos - martini
forest tractor
white / ash round
white / ash flask
three figs
young hawk
michael tompkins - red hammer high rise
adam the elder (45b)
man with bird (46b)
female (44b)
pyramid (stacked dogs) (48b)
man wearing northwest indian mask (33b)
dancer stretching (38b)
acrobat vii 4/6 (39b)
double contortionists (49b)
sit ups (23b)
pyrenees shepherd (24b)
female (1c)
helen post - adam the elder (47c)
bull dog monkey (2c)
helen post - four figures (8c)
camel (38c)
acrobat iv (13c)
dog head (37c)
helen post - man wearing nw indian mask (33
mary helen (6c)
helen post - little frenchman (7c)
man on monkey (9c)
untitled (10c)
reclining figure (11c)
helen post - dog (12c)
helmet (14c)
artist's model (15c)
helen post - sit ups (16c)
man and camel (17c)
helmet (18c)
death in combat (19c)
reclining figure (20c)
pasha (21c)
arching (24c)
unknown title (26c)
suffering camel (28c)
pre-surgical nightmare (30c)
bird (31c)
dancer (32c)
untitled head and arms (34c)
finger bowl (35c)
fish (39c)
chador ii (40c)
regrets (12b)
head of guardia civil (13b)
contemplation (14b)
helen post - leaning woman 2/6 (15b)
bending figure 1/6 (18b)
reflection (20b)
helen post - pole dancer 1/6 (25b)