acrobat iv (42b)
artist's model (50b)
artist's model (51b)
woman with leg up (53b)
dancer iii (55b)
artist's model (52b)
woman with leg up (54b)
dancer stretching (56b)
dancer stretching (57b)
homage to richard diebenkorn iii (58b)
untitled (59b)
helen post - bending exercise (60b)
stretching ii (61b)
stretch (62b)
woman with earrings (63b)
dancer ii (64b)
acrobat v (65b)
contemplating woman (66b)
guardia civil scaffold (68b)
stretching ii (69b)
regrets (72b)
clouds over brushy peak
the guardian 66
harmonic 10
moving like music 8
harmonic 17
pacific sunset
union street
sutter street rain ii
gregory kondos signed 2018 calendar
afternoon at the met
hopkins colmant - american homestead
anna chrasta - san francisco bay
cold brew
crushed coke can no. 1
high noon - mendocino highlands
sandra wong - three fingers salute
sandra wong - shhh
kurt fishback - untitled
san francisco 55/100
patrick dullanty - river marina
patrick dullanty - bridge and silos
patrick dullanty - yosemite
robert pengelly - christmas present
life support iii
holy water
yosemite creek
coca-cola ii
noonday calm
south carmel sunset
in the grove
winters rolling through
clinique lipstick
clinique cream tube
gulf oil tin
gary pruner - old man
oak portrait
surfers' stairs
oak knoll - redwood national park
lakeside farms - summer, 2017
summerset, 2017
summer hopscotch, 2018
very early, 2017
evening illumination (ocean view), 2018
stormy evening, 2017
between, 2017
dark clouds - early morning light, 2018
delta, 2018
north fork of the north fork
north fork of the north fork iii
north fork, american river 2012
three in one, sierra creek
twilight, ceres main canal
the sacramento straightaway
jimmy chew photobombs still life
cluck norris
i like to watch
sacred contemplation
marshland mist
jim ferry - figure
wine bottles
always there
lost love
love song
winter magnolia
orange cake with rosebud
cake with cat and rose
cake with cherry and cookie ring
butterfly on cake with rosebuds
chic cake with candy squares
white cake with marshmallows
two scoop ice cream with sprinkles
ice cream bowl with strawberry
jar of gumballs